Arizona Mom Shares Before-And-After Pictures Of Her Body After Having Twins Via C-Section

This Arizona mom has taken over Youtube to share her pregnancy story. Kylee Austin is a mother of three children and before delivering her babies, she was a very successful fitness coach. The mother competed in several bikini competitions. In her video, Kylee explains how that was going to change everything about how she feels about her body and health.

Kylie first gave birth to Tristan and then got pregnant with twins on her second pregnancy.

When she was in her 38th week of the pregnancy with the twins, she faced some difficulties. Due to the fact that her babies were in a breech position her labor was induced.

The doctors informed her that she needed to go under an emergency C-section. This would be the first time Kylee had no control over what would happen with her body.

After the arrival of her two babies, Keegan and Kayden, Kylee had to deal with the reality of her new body. The stretch marks and excess skin where once a toned body had been.

But Kylee decided that she wanted to share her own experience and post pictures of her body online.

mom shares before after pictures body after c section

Of course, it is the internet and nowadays there are so many people out there that need to see that they’re not alone with what they’re going through. Kylee wanted to help other mothers who were struggling also with any sort of body changes they were going through.

mom shares before after pictures body after c section

The love and support Kylee got from sharing her own experience were massive, however, there were comments that didn’t like it too.

mom shares before after pictures body after c section

The picture Kylee posted of her “twin bump” received negative comments the most. Some of them included hateful and vile words towards her:

“Oh no, I cannot believe you put that on social media,” and “That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

mom shares before after pictures body after c section

However, Kylee is a strong momma and she had a few words to say after those negative comments. Watch the video below to see how she dealt and how proudly shared her story online to millions of people.

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