Mom Wrote A Letter To Punish Her Son And It Already Went Viral

Teenagers can be hard to handle sometimes. When they start growing up they start to become more independent and realize the fact that in a few years, they’re going to be adults. But when your teenage child starts lying, as a parent, it’s not the best feeling in the world. Mom Heidi Johnson had her first experience with her son, Aaron lying to her. So, when he tried lying to her about finishing his homework, and when she confronted him about his lie, he also said that he has a job and he was going to do it eventually.


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And yes, parents can be harsh sometimes and there is no formula on earth that teaches us how to handle our child in the best way possible. But, there are good ways and bad ways. Heidi, who was dealing with this, shows her way of making her son realize some long life lessons.

It turned out that Aaron was making money off of his YouTube videos and started to feel a sense of entitlement. Here’s when Heidi steps in, showing him how it would be if she treated him more like a roommate.

Johnson wrote a letter to her son, and left it on his door. The letter was a mutual understanding since the child was so “independent.”

Read the letter down below:


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The mother shared this letter with friends and family but it immediately went viral and was shared over 165,000 times.

After reading the letter, he crumpled it and went out of the apartment. But, Heidi knew that he just needed some time to think.

“When he could be respectful, and I was more calm, we would discuss it further.”

An hour later, Aaron apologized to her and gave her all the things she has bought him that he felt like he should earn back.

Upon all this, the mother wrote a detailed contract with him where it says how he should also complete his homework, help her around the house etc.


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Well, the parenting style worked perfectly. No hard feelings, no yelling or anger, just a simple letter with mutual understanding. Teaching a life lesson in the right way! What do you guys think?

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