14 Creepy And Dark Stories Disney Movies Are Based On

Almost all of us have a favorite Disney film, that we have watched a million times while growing up. You could maybe even recite it line by line. Some people probably get nostalgic for those days so they play it every now and then. Pretty much all of the stories are so soul-stirring and can make your heart melt. At, least we thought so.
Because some of the stories Disney animated features are based on are pretty gloomy.
Diply has made a list of them so, scroll down to get to know them, and get ready to be shocked.

1. The Little Mermaid never ended up with the prince.

The Little Mermaid makes a bargain with a very unscrupulous sea-witch so that she can meet a human prince. Even though she is the one saving the prince from drowning, he thinks that it was another princes and marries her.
The poor mermaid has to wait 300 years before she can get another chance in order to redeem herself.


2. The Lion King is based on Hamlet

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a dark tragedy in which everyone dies by the end. It shouldn’t be the story that a Disney movie is based on, right? So, they modified it. The result is The Lion King.


3. Cinderella’s stepsisters cut off parts of their feet.

The desire to be the one who will marry the prince has gone too far here, right? In the original story, one of Cinderella’s stepsisters cuts off her big toe, so she can prove that the beautiful glass shoe belongs to her.


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It’s okay, just close your eyes and walk it off.

In order to get a man, you should mutilate your body until it works.
This is not a lesson you would like to learn from the original story, right?

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4. The Evil Queen ate the liver and lungs of a boar believing they were Snow White’s.

The wicked queen, who envies the beauty of Snow White, gives orders to the Huntsman to murder the innocent stepdaughter.
However, the Huntsman, who is sent to kill the beautiful Snow White, spares her life and brings a boar’s liver and lungs instead in order to prove that she is dead. The fact that the queen eats the organs believing that they are Snow White’s is disgusting.


5. The Evil Queen then suffers a very painful death.

At the end of the Grimm Brothers’ version, at the wedding of the prince and Snow White, the Queen gets hot iron shoes to dance in until she dies. What a way to go.


6. Rapunzel’s prince blinds himself.

After Gothel tells the prince that he will never see the beauty with the long hair, he leaps from the tower and lands in some thorns.
However, he is reunited with the love of his live, Rapunzel, whose curable tears will heal his sight.


7. Elsa wasn’t willing to “Let It Go.”

In the original story of  Hans Christian Andersen, the Snow Queen abducts a little boy and gives him amnesia with a cursed kiss.  After that, she makes him do puzzles until the time he gets freed by his sister.


8. Mulan takes her own life in the end.

A girl named Mulan fears that her father will be drafted into the Chinese military, so she decides to take his spot, even though she lives under a patriarchal regime, so she is unqualified to serve.
However, after China has been defeated, the emperor Kahn has allowed her to live under his roof but as his concubine. She decided that she would rather die, so commits suicide instead. Not the happy ending you expect.


9. The Beast was super dramatic and almost died of sadness.

After being stopped by her stepsisters, the Beauty returns to The Beast who got gets very dramatic pulling a Padme and dying from his feelings.


Besides that, he proposed to her on a daily basis. He definitely needed to relax and take it easy.


Source: Odyssey

10. Sleeping Beauty gets pregnant…while asleep.

Instead of being awaken by the kiss, according to Giambattista Basile’s version of the story, the King impregnates Aurora.
After that, one of the twins she gives birth to sucks the splinter from her pricked finger.


11. Pocahontas was captured by the English, and she died at the age of 21.

Did you know that the film is based on an actual true story of Pocahontas? She was married to John Rolfe. After she was abducted and died on a ship that was sailing back to Virginia.


12. Quasimodo and Esmeralda rot away in a tomb together.

This one is really creepy. According to Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Version, Esmeralda is sentenced to death after being accused of attempting to murder Phoebus. Quasimodo stays with her dead body until he dies.


13. Pinocchio murders Jiminy Cricket.

Geppetto asks Jiminy Cricket to serve as the puppet’s conscience. But the naive Pinocchio falls into the clutches of the wicked Honest John and ends up running away as soon as he is able to walk.
When the talking cricket tells Pinocchio to come back home, the wooden boy kills the insect by throwing a hammer.


14. Mowgli was a killer.

According to the original story in The Jungle Book, after finding out that some villagers captured his parents, Mowgli sends his animal family to trample them and their village to the ground.


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