One Mom’s Side-By-Side Photos Show The Reality Of Postpartum Bodies

We are all aware that people sometimes heavily edit the photos they share on Instagram and that some of them are promoting unrealistic body standards. Also, some Instagrammers know how to use the right lighting, position, perspective to drastically change how their bodies look. And, this doesn’t just happen with fitness photos, but also with postpartum selfies. Some mothers hide behind a pair of Spanx or take photos looking absolutely fit after a month of giving birth which is almost impossible.

However, a mother from Sweden shared a side-by-side photo proving that postpartum bodies are not always what they appear to be on social media. Sandra Uhrdin, a mommy blogger, shared one photo where she has covered her stomach with high-rise leggings, and another photo which represents the reality.

“It’s important to give your body time, no one will be restored overnight.  My body has given me two healthy boys and I am forever grateful.” she captioned the photo.

This article first appeared on This is Insider. 

In fact, during pregnancy, the growing uterus gradually rises up out of your pelvis and it will take some time until the abdominal muscles tighten up again. Sandra is reminding mothers that they need to be very patient with their bodies because social media can lead to some unrealistic expectations.

People in the comments are praising and admiring Sandra’s decision and honesty.

“Thanks for being real,” one person wrote. “It’s encouraging all of us.”

“I have a 4-month-old and I thought after giving birth I’d bounce back so fast, but I didn’t and haven’t,” another wrote.

Source: Thisisinsider