‘The Most Beautiful Policewoman In Germany’ Must Choose Between Modeling Or A Police Officer Career

The 34-year-old Adrienne Koleszar is regarded as the ‘most beautiful policewoman’ in Germany.  She is a police officer in Dresden, Saxony in Germany, but she is also a fitness model widely known in Instagram. Yes, the world knows about her two professions since the blonde shares pieces from her everyday life with her with 557,000 followers. However, apparently, she is left now to decide which road she wants to follow next. The ultimatum is for her to choose whether she wants to continue as an Instagram model or a police officer.

Daily Mail provided photos from both of her lives: the bikini one…

and the uniform one.

The stunning blonde was granted a six-month unpaid leave from the local force, earlier this year. However, with the approval to be back and work as a policewoman from January 1, 2019. On a video she posted in July she told her followers:

I will not receive any compensation from the Free State of Saxony, live on my savings and on my social media activities.

She traveled all over the world for her last six months and delighted her followers with the beautiful pictures she shared on her social media.

Her social media income was sufficient for her to travel around the world and share with her followers the beautiful pictures she took.

 Most Beautiful Policewoman Germany

Anyway, the vacation time is already up and she has to meet with one of the officials this week and talk about work. Reportedly she has been told to get back to work for a full-time schedule as a police officer or quit. This because the local force in the state of Saxony is in great need of police officers.

Although Koleszár spoke about how she would like to be both, a social media influencer and a police officer it looks that the ultimatum has cut it short for her.

 Most Beautiful Policewoman Germany

We hope she can do what she likes to do most!


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Source: Dailymail