12+ Of The Most Bizarre Wedding Dresses Ever Worn

2018 was a very turbulent year. But—in case you were living under a rock—it also brought us some of the most epic weddings we’ve seen in a while. And with weddings come different wedding dresses. We were served some of the most beautiful wedding dress moments this year, but not all dresses are beautiful after all. Some are just odd. Sometimes because a few brides decide to design their own dresses and as long as they feel comfortable wearing them, we can just watch the show.


Scroll down to see some of the most shocking dresses ever worn in weddings:


1. The vagina dress

Probably this bride and her hubby held a secret ceremony with only the two of them, otherwise….

via vonjour.fr


2. An eatable wedding dress

I wonder how this bride is going to ever move down the aisle. Or wait, first, the cake shall be eaten!

via youm7.com



3. Hello Kitty wedding dress

Some girls are meant to stay little forever.



4. An undefinable wedding dress

Not always to define is to limit though.

via ayoye.com


5. Wrecking ball dress

I don’t even think this belongs in the wedding dress category.

via stuff.co.nz


6. The cauliflower headdress

Probably because the bride was too fond of cauliflowers.

via tropicalida.com.gt


7. The cocoon

You are supposed to dance at a wedding, right? How can you do it while wearing this one?




8. Diaper queen

If people would have married right after their babies were born…



9. Who said that one has necessarily to wear a dress?

A wedding dress can be painted after all.



10. A wedding dress made of balloons

Dear bride, this is a good idea but balloons are so fragile.


11. When a heart is your personal symbol

All in glittery pink.. because wearing a white wedding dress is too mainstream.



12. Camouflage dress

Because not always a bride has to be at the center of attention.



13. A weirdo dress

Some girls just like their wedding dress to be ‘unique’.



14. Ablaze dress

Her wedding dress is quite lit.



15. White, red and a little black dress

Probably she just wore to make fun of it.

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Source: Gosocial