A Mother Has The Best Response To Woman Who Says She Is “Distracting” Her Husband

Breastfeeding is arguably the most beautiful natural processes in the world – through breastfeeding, a mother is able to nurture her child after they are born. Only in the UK, it has been estimated that 73% of mothers choose to breastfeed their child, while for the remainder, a portion of them does choose not to, but a lot are not able to do it.

Breastfeeding has a lot of benefits, on both the mother and the baby (in fact we wrote an entire article on breastfeeding benefits, go check it out) – and it’s also cost-effective. For one, breastmilk helps your baby fight off viruses and bacteria, it can lower your baby’s risk of having allergies and a number of other diseases, it releases good hormones and creates a strong emotional connection between the mother and child, to just name a few.

However, it’s not uncommon for breastfeeding mothers to get a lot of negative remarks and even get banned from public spaces for doing something that’s so completely natural. There are countless stories where women have been shunned, mocked, or looked at wrong for daring to breastfeed their baby, but one story, in particular, takes the cake, because of the mother’s badass response. She literally squirted breastmilk to another woman who called her off for breastfeeding next to her and her “easily distracted husband”.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock (This is not the actual woman in the story)

Posting her story anonymously to a Facebook page called Dartford Gossip page, the unknown woman began: “To the lady Dartford park who thought it was appropriate to breastfeed her baby whist my child and very easily distracted husband sat near by. I don’t think it was necessary for you to react the way you did just because I asked you to go somewhere private, telling me to fuck off and squirting me with your boobs was incredibly uncalled for. I hope you are ashamed of yourself!”

Don’t believe me, see for your self:

Source: Facebook

People were naturally mostly on the mother’s side, saying that even though her reaction might not have been the best, it’s understandable.

One commenter told the anonymous woman she “[deserved] what [she] got.”

While another naturally expressed her outrage at the poster’s reaction, aptly asking, “Baby can’t eat because your husband is easily distracted?”

Yes, a lot of people took offense with the “easily distracted husband” part.

And they are all right.

I mean, a fully grown man cannot help but be distracted by a woman breastfeeding her baby? How ridiculous is that? The only thing more ridiculous is the wife’s reaction.

I for one, completely support the mother, and if I had been there, I probably would have applauded her. Breastfeeding is natural, it is not right to sexualize it. End of story.


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Source: Boredpanda