Study Finds That Moms Of Three Are More Stressed Than Those With Any Other Number Of Children

It’s official, three children give moms more stress than any other number of kids. A 2013 study conducted has resurfaced some insight into the stresses of raising kids. In the study, 7,164 moms in the United States took part, and the results concluded that moms of three are more stressed out that moms of one, two, four, or more children. Dr. Janet Taylor, a psychiatrist, told Today why moms start to relax when they give birth to their fourth child, saying:

There’s just not enough space in your head for perfectionism when you get to four or more kids.

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Taylor continued explaining:

The more children you have, the more confident you become in your parenting abilities. You have to let go … and then you’re just thankful when they all get to school on time.

In 2013 the founder of Scary Mommy, Jill Smokler, told Today that she experienced the telltale spike in stress when she welcomed her third child, saying:

Going from one to two was an easy, breezy transition. Two to three, everything was turned upside down.


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She added, recalling her third time giving birth, saying:

I did not feel like I had it together … just crossing the street and not being able to physically hold all their hands I found tremendously stressful.

On average, the stress level that moms responded to the survey, in general, was at eight and a half on a scale of one to 10. Out of all the participants, 46% of moms said that their partners stressed them out more than their children did. Moreover, 60% of moms stressed more about their girls than their boys, and 60% said that they stressed the most about running out of hours in the day.

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Source: People