Mother Saves Daughters From House On Fire And Has Severe Burns

It was a terrible night for a mother-of-three when she woke up at midnight, feeling choked up with smoke. Her house was ablaze, and her boyfriend was not at home at the time. Immediately, the woman knew what she had to do. A mother would always think of her children first. And that’s what she did. Just within a few minutes, she managed to get her three daughters out of the fire while her house burned down moments later. Angel Fiorini almost perished while saving her family from a catastrophic house fire that broke out in the middle of the night. The rest of the story is even more emotional.


She informed People Magazine that her house was already hot when the fire was consuming the opposite house. Her reaction was quick and she had to escape with her children.


Angel first went to save her two youngest children, 4-year-old Vinnie, and 2-year-old Rosalie. She rushed them out to safety before returning for her 8-year-old Gianna. Angel managed to move the three kids to safety before it was too late.


The house was burning really fast and the smoke was very thick. As a matter of fact, she could barely see a thing. No one offered help and she didn’t wait to help her children.


In the panic and the smoke, Angel knew the exact spot where her daughters were, but had to find out a way to get inside.


Angel finally dragged Gianna out to the door. However, the fire was already in the room, so she had her skin burned. Her hand was most affected as she used it to turn the doorknob. When Angel and her daughter were taken to the hospital, doctors diagnozed them with third-degree burns.


Angel had a hard time recovering. She was attacked by both bacterial pneumonia and pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism is a condition where a blood clot blocks a major blood vessel in the lungs. The blood clots were big enough for this obstruction to get worse in Angel’s case because she was exposed to smoke for a long time. That was why she almost passed on due to suffocation.


Even though the recovery process was long, the family gfot help from their community. People bought them a new car, furniture, and a mobile home, and even started a gofundme account.


The story had a happy ending. Angel married her boyfriend after her recovery was over and 15 years after being in a relationship. The two were celebrating their love and the survival of Angel and Gianna after the terrible burns.


Source: smalljoys

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