Brazilian Mother Narrates A Football Match To Her Blind And Autistic Son From The Stands

You are just about to hear (read) a heartwarming story about a Brazilian mother named Silvia Grecco, who is a passionate Brazilian football fan and her 12-year-old son, Nickollas, who same as his mother is a football fan. Both of them have recently become ‘national celebrities’ after TV cameras spotted a heartfelt act somewhere in the crowd you don’t get to see very often.

All this happened during a match between the Sao Paulo based football team ‘Palmeiras’ and Botafogo de Ribeirao Preto, where Silvia was spotted narrating the match live to her son, who is blind and autistic.

The footage shows Grecco, who is 56 years old, relaying every move of the ‘Palmeiras’ players’ on the pitch to her son, both wearing the football shirts of their favorite Sao Paulo team.

mother narrates football to blind son

When speaking to AFP, Grecco explained how she manages to explain every detail of the match and the players’ appearance and moves to her son. She reveals how she doesn’t even hold back when she feels like cursing the referee, saying:

I describe details: this player is wearing short sleeves, the color of their football boots, hair color,’ Ms Grecco told AFP during a recent game between Palmeiras and Botafogo de Ribeirao Preto. My narrating is something of my emotions. I’m not a professional. Everything I see and feel, I tell him, even when I need to curse the referee!

mother narrates football to blind son

Nickollas’ father and sister, however, support other teams, so to avoid family divisions, his mother found out a special way to avoid family divisions and resorted to the skills of PSG Neymar, who is Nickollas’ idol.

Grecco went on describing the special moment that happened during an event in Sao Paulo, where they met Neymar, saying:

Neymar lifted him on his shoulders and he passed his hand through Neymar’s hair, it was a big moment! So I asked Neymar what team he used to support as a child, and he said he was a Palmeiras fan! So I said ‘Do you see, Nickollas? Your mother, your player … I think your team should be Palmeiras!

So, Palmeiras it is!

mother narrates football to blind son

Pictured below: Nickollas all smiles and laughs, clapping and cheering for his team from the stands.

mother narrates football to blind son

We definitely need more stories like this as a daily dose of positivity!

Kudos for this mother and her courage! Let her and her son be an inspiration to many others!

mother narrates football to blind son


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Source: Dailymail