This Mother Found A Brilliant Solution To Stop Her Daughter Crying For Her Dummy At Night

Babies often wake up during the night, crying and looking for their dummy. To prevent that, one mom from Canvey, Essex, found a creative solution. Laura Gerson is the mother of an 11-month-old girl, named Amelia. To stop her daughter from crying, she surrounded her with dozens of dummies. That way Amelia always has a dummy within arm’s reach.

And her mother doesn’t have to get up and give her the dummy, which interrupts sleep for many parents. Now everyone can get good quality sleep.

This article first appeared on the Daily Mail. 


It’s a very simple solution, that a lot of parents are already trying. Laura posted a photo of her toddler surrounded by dummies on The Motherload Facebook and wrote “Since my little one was about 3 months old she’s gone to bed with roughly 10 dummies in with her.”


A weird bedtime routine that is cheap, easy and it works.

The mother from Canvey, Essex wrote on Facebook: “Found that when she cried of a night all she wanted was a dummy then she’d go back off. Realised that if she had one to hand then she would just find it of a night, trial and error with her losing a few down the side but 99 per cent of the time she feels around, finds a dummy, sticks it in and she’s sorted!”

“Haven’t had to go into her of a night for about 8 months now… WINNING!! [sic]”

 A lot of parents immediately fell in love with this brilliant idea




The post got a lot of likes and comments such as “Winner winner chicken dinner!!! I’m going to start doing this!: and another parent wrote “Why why why did I not think of this?! My little one loves his dummy and I am always getting up to put it back in.”

Source: dailymail

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