Mother Spends 11 Hours In The Kitchen Preparing School Snacks For Her Child

A woman from Australia was hailed as “super mum” after sharing on Facebook pictures of the meals she had prepared for her child for the coming weeks. The super mother revealed she spent 11 hours in the kitchen prepping an amazing range of foods which you can see in the pictures all lined up and ready for kindergarten lunches.

In addition to chopped fruit and veggie snacks, the super mother also made 60 pizza scrolls, 30 lots of pikelets, as well as 28 ham and cheese sandwiches.

mother spends 11 hours in the kitchen preparing snacks

A super mom indeed!

mother spends 11 hours in the kitchen preparing snacks

Along with the pictures she explained she doesn’t consider herself “super organized,” but wanted to make things easier for herself in the upcoming weeks. She also added she plans to freeze all the food.

As of this morning, we have a chest freezer. The plan is to freeze it all. I have two kids, but only one in school, as of tomorrow. The other is two. I do feel like I sold my soul. I don’t cook at all, so this was a mission.

The mother added she’s not entirely sure how the food will be after freezing and thawing.

I’ve never done anything like this before, so we’ll see how it goes!

Let’s hope for the best!

The super mother’s post has over 1,000 likes and more than 850 comments of people who hailed her as very organised.

One wrote:

You are insanely organised wish I had your energy to do all this it would make me feel like a super mum. Well done!

Another one added:

You should be more than proud of yourself. I’ve been a Mum for 14 years and I’ve never kicked a*** like this!

While another one begged:

Can you come do mine please. I spent hours in the kitchen and got nowhere near as much.

However, there were also people whose reactions were negative mainly due to the amount of plastic she used to store the foods. But the mother replied to the comments saying the snap lock bags would be recycled after they finish off the foods.

My daughter has a yumbox. I will empty the contents of the snap lock bags into her lunchbox and recycle them.

Kudos to all the super moms out there!


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Source: Dailymail