Young Mother-Of-Six Had To Get A Stoma Bag To Reduce Risk Of Cancer

Sometimes just when we think life couldn’t be happier, life has a way of throwing us a curveball that can completely upturn our world. And then we have no choice but to be as strong as we can to get through it. And humans have a way of enduring even the biggest of hurdles.

Krechelle Carter from Australia is a mother of six who owns the Eight At Home blog where she blogs about her “dysfunctional, loud, awkward life- where nothing ever goes right but the love is real and when all else fails; wine!”

She sounds like a very upbeat, fun person to be around and often posts about the amusing trials of everyday life as a parent on her blog. However, she has just recently received some devastating news. She needs to have her colon removed to reduce the risk of cancer. Talking to the DailyMail, the 28-year-old mother said:

I’ve just found out I will need to have my bowel removed to save myself from getting colon cancer and have a permanent stoma and bag fitted.

She explained how after a series of colonoscopies she was diagnosed with polyp disease. And when doctors kept finding polyps even after 12 months, they became worried seeing as she kept getting them at such a young age. So she was given an ultimatum: “get a bag to save your life”.

mother needs to get a stoma bag to reduce the risk of cancer

According to, a stoma is an artificial opening on the wall of your abdomen. An ileostomy bag attaches to the stoma opening in order to help relieve inflammation in the digestive system.

So, seeing as she says she is her “husband’s world and my six children rely on me for everything from holding their hand through the tough times to tucking them in bed at night” she couldn’t take the risk.

Even though Krechelle tries putting on “a brave face” she does admit she is “scared and saddened” to be going through this ordeal. She considers the loss of control over her life and worrying on how her family will deal with this as the worst thing to come out of this.

“I understand I need help now and I’m scared of how everyone will cope,” she said.

On a touching Instagram post, she revealed:

I’ve cried writing down wishes for my children as they grow and funeral plans – not because I’m going to die but because I want to be prepared.

mother needs to get a stoma bag to reduce the risk of cancer

But, she is still trying to stay positive and strong, telling the DailyMail:

I’m okay with it, and I’m ready for it. And I’m going to survive it. I’ll go through what I need to go through to get back on my feet and kick a*** again. I don’t plan on letting it slow me down.

mother needs to get a stoma bag to reduce the risk of cancer

Her husband Dave (pictured below with their children) has quit his job in order to be there for their family during this time and to take care of his wife.

mother needs to get a stoma bag to reduce the risk of cancer

Their friends and family have set up a GoFundMe account to help them with the medical expenses.

“We’re trying to raise enough to take the difficulties away while they face the next year without income,” the fundraising page reads. “With debts rising, any donation means the world for keeping them in their home and heads above water.”

You can donate here.


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Source: Dailymail