Mother Writes An Open Letter To Husband, Asking Him For Help

Would you ask for help from your husband? Some women call it help, others call it equal rights, but doing housework and taking care of children is mutual. One woman decided to take her plea online and encourage others to do the same. Thirty-eight-year-old Celeste Erlach, who is a mother of one four-year-old and a baby, is constantly tired. She got sick of her husband not doing enough and she wrote him a letter online.

The internet nowadays can act as a very powerful measure to make things happen. For this exhausted mother, it was the last option. Celeste decided to write an open letter to her dear husband because she felt he was not helping her enough.

“My husband and I talk about this topic fairly regularly,” Celeste told Bored Panda. The mother also runs a parenting blog called And What A Mom.

“The reason I wrote an open letter is because I know lots of women facing similar issues. I discuss this topic all the time with my friends. I wanted to put it out there to start a larger discussion. I wanted women to feel encouraged to ask for help. I wanted husbands to know we need more help.”

Her letter did shake the online world. Mothers started sharing their related posts and it became emotional.


Since her story went viral, people have been wondering about the husband’s reaction to the letter.


“He understands the bigger picture,” she added. “He doesn’t love the attention directed towards him, but he knows my concerns and we work on that daily.”


“I. Need. More. Help.”


“My husband expresses gratitude so much more now. We communicate better about our needs and try to keep frustrations from building up inside us.”


Celeste added:

“Talk to your Partner. Tell them you need more help. Chances are, they’re eager to up their game”


Mothers started relating to her letter.



This woman says that she has to ask for help all the time.




There were some people who disagreed.



There were many women who considered themselves “lucky.”




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Source: Boredpanda