Who Is Who? 15 Mothers Defying The Odds To Look The Same Age As Their Daughters

Aging is a tough process during which structural and functional changes / progressive physiological changes in an organism accumulate as a result of the passage of time, that lead to senescence. This is the general and the most common definition of ‘aging’ you will encounter. But, the best line I have in mind regarding aging is from ‘Annihilation,’ “We see aging as a natural process, but it’s actually a fault in our genes.” It’s like aging was not supposed to happen.

Regardless of what aging is a result of, didn’t we all want to grow up? The idea of it was an intoxicating one, blithely unaware of what is awaiting us, heedless diving the crippling debt, stress, pressure, and responsibilities that make being an adult so exhausting.

That’s one of the reasons many ‘folds’ appear on our faces before they were planned to be there. The mere act of living is so grueling that maintaining any visage of youth upon our complexion is a losing battle. A battle we fight with endless anti-wrinkle creams and gallons of water.

However, there are some people defying nature’s laws and leave you saying ‘just how on earth?’ Let us show you some of these ‘out-of-this-world’ people, more specifically mothers who appear to all intents and purposes the same age as their daughters.


1. Reese Witherspoon

Credit: Instagram/ Reese Witherspoon


2. Spot The Mom

3. Who Is Who?

Credit: Instagram


4. Mom And Her Two Twins (Mom On The Left)

Credit: Twitter


5. The Resemblance Is Uncanny

Credit: Instagram


6. Mom On The Right, With Her Four Daughters

Credit: Facebook


7. Literally Could Be Identical Twins

Credit: Instagram


8. Who Is Who?

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9. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Twitter/ B4U


10. Same Appearance, Same Outfit, Different Age

mothers looking young
Credit: Instagram


11. Yes, The Mother Is On The Left

12. This Mom Is Absolutely Crushing It

mothers looking young
Credit: Instagram


13. Fitness Trainer With Her Daughters

mothers looking young
Credit: Instagram


14. 27 Years Ago This Mama Gave Birth To Her Girl

mothers looking young
Credit: Instagram/ amberlebonofficial


15. The 63-Year-Old Mama, Christie Brinkley

mothers looking young
Credit: Instagram/ christiebrinkley


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