Mountain Dew Releases Limited-Edition “Game Of Thrones” Cans

As the excitement for the upcoming and final season of the hit show Game Of Thrones rises, more and more Game of Thrones-themed products keep popping up. And it’s not only shirts and totes anymore, as we’ve seen a number of food products as well like beers, wine, and even Oreos!

And now, to add to the list, we have none other than Game of Thrones-themed Mountain Dew! Yes, Mountain Dew.

The beverage company is getting rid of their signature bright colors releasing a limited edition Game Of Thrones can which is completely white. Or so it seems…


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The can which seems blank at first will change once it’s chilled to reveal a list of character names from the show, many of which have a strike through it. It is, as you may have guessed, Arya Starks’s kill list.

The campaign is called  “A Can Has No Name” or #ACanHasNoName, and unfortunately, you cannot get these cans just anywhere. In fact, there are only two ways you could grab one of them for your own.

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One of them is entering a contest on Twitter shared by Mountain Dew which asks fans to tell them what they would sacrifice (for the throne? the can?) using the hashtag #ACanHasNoName. Apparently, the company will be giving away 800 of the cans in this manner.

The other way to snatch one of the cans is through a scavenger hunt of sorts in which people have to look for a  “Masters of Coin”, and once that is found, it can be used in an Iron Vending Machine which will then dispense one of these Nameless cans…

However, the second option is only useful if you live in New York City or Los Angeles…

Mountain Dew will be releasing more information about these upcoming events in the days to come through their social media accounts so be sure to keep up-to-date.


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