‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves Signs A Movie Deal After Quitting Plastic Surgery

Have you heard about the human Ken doll Rodrigo Alves yet? He has spent almost $700,000 on achieving his dream looks through plastic surgery and has now reportedly signed a six-figure movie deal with Warner Bros, according to MailOnline. The biopic is set to tell the story of the Brazilian’s opulent lifestyle and his bizarre transformation.


A source told MailOnline: “He has signed a six-figure movie deal with Warner Bros, in which he can play himself.”


It seems like after spending more than half a million dollars on cosmetic surgery, Alves is finally done.

He has stated for the media that he has no more plans to have surgeries to change his appearance.

The source continues to talk about the upcoming movie:

“It will take a comedic look at his way of living, with the focus more being more on his opulent life, rather than his ‘exotic looks’. This idea really appealed to him as he feels there is so much more to him than just the fact he has had lots of cosmetic surgery so his fans will get to know what he is all about.”


Alves, who is currently in London is set to travel to Los Angeles later this month to start production on the upcoming movie where he will also attend the Oscars.


Apart from being busy with the upcoming film, Rodrigo holds a one-hour slot on Italian television show Domenica Live, with plans to host his own talk show.

Just recently, he revealed that he wants to quit plastic surgery. Now, he wants to focus more on his personal and professional life.


In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, he confessed: “Unless I need something done for medical procedures, I am completely done with it,” he said.

“I have to stop with plastic surgery. There is nothing else that can be changed without compromising my health.”


The 34-year-old first went under the knife in 2004, after being bullied by his schoolmates.


Now, it seems like he is finally happy with his looks.

“Having 60 surgeries, including face and neck lifts, pectoral implants and four ribs removed is enough. Now, I will only have any more surgery for health reasons or when I get much older,” Alves revealed.


Rodrigo also wants to raise money for those that need plastic surgery for reconstructive and medical reasons in poor countries.

Here are more details about his life.

Source: dailymail