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MP Diane Abbott Sparks Confusion After Wearing ‘Two Odd Shoes’ At Polling Station

MP Diane Abbott Sparks Confusion After Wearing ‘Two Odd Shoes’ At Polling Station

Have you ever been in such a hurry or simply eager to do something that you just grabbed whatever was in front of you to wear? Only later you realized what you were actually wearing. But, that’s totally normal and understandable.

It looks like a similar situation like the previous-mentioned has sparked a discussion among the netizens. We’re talking about Labour’s MP Diane Abbott who turned out to support Meg Hillier in her neighboring East London constituency of Hackney South. It was Hillier who shared a photo of her and Abbott, a photo that went viral in a blink of an eye. In a now-deleted photo, Hillier wrote:

Great to link up with @HackneyAbbott to remind people to #VoteLabour #GeneralElection19 @HackneyLabour @SouthHackneyLab #Laboursisters.

Both were wearing warm coats and scarves, but it was Abbott’s pair of shoes that people got distracted by. It looks like Abbott’s shoes were an odd pair.

Diane Abbott two odd shoes
Photo Credit: Twitter / Diane Abbott and Meg Hillier

There were comments of different perspectives, with one person tweeting:

Clearly not a morning person. Not only wearing two different shoes, but two left-footed shoes!

While another wrote:

So Diane Abbott has emerged from hiding for voting day… with shoes that don’t match.

Diane Abbott two odd shoes
Photo Credit: Diane Abbott/Twitter

Some others started to argue that the photo could have been doctored in some way. Either way, does it really matter? For some it does, but it shouldn’t! For as long as someone feels comfortable with whatever they’re wearing, we shouldn’t bother. It’s legit to say that we should always put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, even if ‘actual shoes’ is what we’re talking about.

Diane Abbott two odd shoes
Photo Credit: Twitter

As for Abbott’s reaction to all this internet turmoil, she has since tweeted to encourage people to ‘wear what you want’ when voting. This was a reply to singer Jamelia who was wondering what to wear to the polling station as a first-time voter.

Source: Diane Abbott

In any case, always make sure to get out and VOTE. Just like the vote is entirely up to you, so is your outfit. And, if that means wearing two mismatched left shoes, then so be it.



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