Mum’s Priceless Reaction Finding Out Son Cut Dreads Off

Manuel Lebron-Lopez is an 18-year-old who did a hilarious video surprising his mom and recording her reaction. It had to do with his hairstyle. Manuel used to try different stuff with his hair, and recently he decided to cut his hair off and shoot his mom’s reaction. Her reaction was priceless and it is a must-watch-video!

Here you have it below:


Manuel spoke to UNILAD saying:

“I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida only 13 months old. I was kinda the black sheep throughout my life when it came to school and family-wise.

I liked to just do something fun that made people laugh and I love helping people in general.

I’m a senior now so back in freshman year I started to grow out my hair. The ultimate goal was to get a man bun.

But I loved getting it braided so I did all kinds; cornrows, box braids, french braids, I would even do pig tails and it would just surprise people and make them happy to see I’m myself and don’t care about judgment.”

It’s so good the guy dared to be himself and have the hairstyle he wanted for himself. There are a lot of people out there, who live like a template of others. It’s good to dare and be different. It’s okay. Actually is more than okay. It’s authenticity. That’s what we need more in this world.


He also added:

“Then a joke about dreads arose and I was opposed to it but I said ‘Eh, why not’ so I twisted my hair and surprised my mom which she did not like whatsoever!

About my mom, she’s the sweetest person ever. Her reactions were always over the top so that’s why I recored her reaction and posted it on Twitter.

In the video she says ‘You cut the sh**s of your head! No way!’ And proceeded to jump around.

The reason why I cut my dreads off was because it was starting to look messy and I needed to look good for senior pictures. A female friend of mine did push me towards the idea though. But my mom was ultimately the one who wanted them off the most so again, I decided “why not” And surprised her!”

Love this woman! Seems like she is so much in touch with her inner child. Her expression of emotions impressed me very much. Usually, mid-age women tend to hide their emotions and not be that expressive. Which is a waste, I would say. I mean, look how much it amused us seeing her embracing the moment.


mums priceless reaction


Manuel continues:

“I decided to get dreads just for fun to be honest. I always loved doing weird things to my hair so I said ‘why not!’ I decided to do it during final exam week to kinda end junior year with a bang!

When I first got them, it felt nice and different. I got a comment from a friend saying ‘You’re the only one in our school with hair like that and I like it’ when I get them completely shaved off, it was such a nice feeling. I got to wear hats again like I usually do and in Florida, since it’s hot most of the time. Especially during summer. All the hot and sweatiness was no more!

I had short hair like this all my life up in freshman year of high school. Then I decided to grow it out to see how I would like it and oddly enough, my mom liked it too! But she definitely likes the short hair better because of how I always had it as a kid.”

You look great anyways, young boy!

mums priceless reaction


Manny posted the video to Twitter and it received over 2.7k retweets and 8k likes.

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Source: Unilad