Spectacular Nail Designs To Get The Attention Your Hands Deserve

Taking care of your nails, adding glitter and sparkles, designing different figures, carving them, shaping different models – means you make effort for yourself and that details matter to you. Nails are an important part of our aesthetics and appearance, and there’s a reason why women pay that much attention to them.

Ever wondered how did they come up with the idea of modern nail polish? To get you informed on this, we must go back in time – precisely, in the 1920s. Makeup artist, Michelle Menard, adapted the enamel used for cars to create a polish for nails. The formula she crafted was popular with flappers.

Now, are you looking for some new ideas on how to use nail polishes better, and also how to pour out of your head the ideas you have regarding this goal? Wait, wait for us dear, that’s why we’re here. Actually, to make you stop waiting. Let us represent to you some of the newest trendy models of nail designing, but that looks so fresh and kind of classic in the meantime.

Using Instagram? Of course you do. Follow kiaraskynails for some of that good influence to follow your nail design ideas, but also aspire you to imagine more. It is a global nail brand THING, followed by 339k followers – people who are benefiting from these Dip Powder, Gel & Nail Polish instructions.

Below you will find some distinct nail design and polish tutorials. Keep scrolling babe.

Chipped nails are a problem of the past. Here’s another nail hack!

Say Helllloooo to perfection.

Here you have the video to watch the full length in depth tutorial.

Take your classic red and black combo to the next level with ‘Wine Not’ (D576), ‘Black to Black’ (D435) and some geometric nail art in ‘Pure White’ (G401).

Add some geometry there. Don’t be afraid. It’s not quite the same that used to block you in math class during school.

This time it adds elements and special details to your looks.

Of course, if you want to change the colors… feel free. Choose whatever you think fits you best honey.

That glitter stripe in the middle it’s driving me crazy.

Now, press that play button.

Not all nails need to be similarly designed. The more different they are, the better, actually.

Add some details to your nails by focusing on black color. Black is often linked with negativity, but that’s not what it represents in all cases. It can clearly be associated with power, elegance, formality and mystery. And this black matte polish is just… duh.. ideal!

Time to /slā/ (slay).

Source: Kiaraskynails

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