12+ DIY Nail Hacks And Tricks For The Best Nail Art Ideas

The first sign of loving yourself, is taking care of your body. Especially now with super-cheap life-saving hacks we see every day. On today’s episode of How to take care of yourself, we’ll demonstrate you the basics on painting and manicure, because life’s too short for ugly nails! Here are some of our best tips!

1. The must have basic manicure kit!

If you’re doing this, at least have the right tools.

2. Shape really matters!

It’s important to know your natural nail shape, because that way it’ll be easier for you to get a certain nail shape. Also remember, that you can’t file a square shaped nail, to a coffin shaped. That would be too much. Select a nail shape which works the best for your natural nail shape.

3. Alternative nail polish remover

If you want to remove the nail polish and you run out of polish remover, you can always mix white vinegar with alcohol, and then squeeze some lemon. This will definitely do the trick!

4. Removal in a jar

First, you will need a small tub with a lid. After that, you place the sponge in it, but make sure there’s a slit in the middle to insert the finger. Then you soak the nail varnish remover before inserting your finger. Twist your finger in there, and the nail polish will be removed.

5. Dip and polish

This is perfect for removing gel nail polish from your nails. All you have to do is soak some gauze in acetone. After that, you wrap the gauze with tin-foil around each nail. Wait 5-10 minutes and this way you’ll remove the gel polish.

6. Painted finger tips

Don’t forget to apply vaseline around the edge of the nail/finger in order to avoid getting nail polish on your fingers. And with a swap you can whip off any excess of nail varnish, after it dries out, of course.

7. Tips for perfect painting

If you just follow this tutorial, you will never have a problem with painting your nails, ever again!

8. Clean tools are a must!

Your manicure tools must be clean before using. Always make sure to sterilize them!

9. Healthy nails-a healthy mind!

Manicures and pedicures are really the best! And relaxing, tbh!

10. How to do ombre nails

Just follow this simple guide!

11. Homemade matte

Adding some cornstarch will make your nails look perfectly matte. Who would’ve thought?!

12. Tape texture

A simple pattern for pretty nails!

13. Taped up

For more colorful patterns, you can also use tape. Just make sure you add the tape to your nails after the base nail varnish is dry.

14. Mix it up

Why not mix up colors?!

15. Highlighter brush


Add some stripes to spice up the look!

16. French manicure

Tape really does wonders!

17. Nail art

And you’ll only need a sharpie!

18. Black and gold

Metallic sharpie, for a more elegant look!

19. Golden touch

If you think drawing a design onto your nails will ruin them, then try cutting a shape!

20. Polka dots

Polka dots on your nails by using a bobby pin!

21. Cuticle cure

Try this out if you have bad cuticles.

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