The Point Behind ‘National Stay Home Because You’re Well’ Day

If you are a person who lives a busy lifestyle, I’m guessing it’s easy for you to feel guilty about staying home and doing nothing. Am I right? But damn, it has to be excusable to have some days when you just stop and take a break. Take a breath. We’re living hectic lives, stressful realities which cause our anxiety levels to reach several peaks during the day. Trying to strive in a world of constant notifications and updates, it’s not easy at all.

Knowing that whatever you’re trying to achieve or do, at the same time, there are thousands and millions of people out there dreaming of the same thing, puts pressure on you. Puts pressure to do more, to give more from yourself, to attend different training, to do this and do that… Can’t leave without mentioning the time you must spare for your family and friends. For your dating life. For exercising. And, of course, showing up to work every day. We just get caught up in a circle of constantly doing something, that we forget about the power of just taking a step behind.

Taking a step behind in the sense of spending some time alone at home. With your wonderful self. To curl up in bed, in the morning, even after you wake up, in pajamas, with a cup of hot chocolate and stay like that for another extra hour. Or two. Cooking yourself a delicious meal and then eating it while watching your favorite TV show. Taking care of your body. Of your mind. Meditating. Reflecting on life. Planning the future. Daydreaming. Playing an instrument. Being grateful to yourself about how far you’ve come.
Breathing. In and out. Simply, breathing, with a Moby track in the background, while you lean your head against the window watching the yellow buses pass by.

It sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s the purpose behind the ‘National Stay Home Because You’re Well’ Day (November 30) which was dreamt up by Thomas and Ruth Roy. They created the holiday under the name of Wellcat Holidays and Herbs.


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The website Days of the Year writes about this:

They [Thomas and Ruth Roy] have stated that it exists so that, “we can all call in “well,” instead of faking illness, and stay home from work.

The point of this holiday is to take a moment to just slow down and enjoy life, seeing as how it has become so very hectic over the recent years, what with the endless barrage of phone calls, text messages, emails, voicemails, etc. that we are faced with on an everyday basis.

And who can argue with that?


This heedful holiday sparked the hashtag #StayHomeBecauseYoureWellDay last year. Lots of hardworking people showed their approval. Find some to read below:


How would you like to celebrate ‘Stay Home Because You’re Well Day?’ Let us know your remarks in our comments’ section. Our staff cares to know your opinions.


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