Do You Really Need Bridesmaids At Your Wedding?

One of the most traditional views of marriage is imagining the bride in her gorgeous wedding gown, flanked on her side by a myriad of her closest girlfriends decked in their matching bridesmaids’ dresses. While there is some appeal to the tradition and a sort of closeness to the women who are there to be your support crew on your biggest day, is there really a need for it?

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According to a New York Times article, more and more couples are opting out of having a wedding party – meaning no bridesmaids and no groomsmen. As to why that is, the reasons included wanting to spare their friends the stress, especially if the couple was in their 30s and their friends would probably either have kids or be pregnant.  Another reason that was mentioned in the article was that couples wanted to personalize their wedding, or that they wanted everyone in their wedding to be comfortable and unique – so no telling them what to wear.

According to another article published by Delish, they listed a number of other reasons why it’s probably a good idea to decide to opt out of a wedding party.

Less stress

For example, it’s already enough work planning the reception and the ceremony without the added stress of having to oversee a bridal party as well.

No bridal party means no one feels left out

People usually have a lot of friends and family that probably expected to be included in the party, but can you really have all of your friends becoming bridesmaids? Not really that practical, as personally speaking, all my closest friends and then my sisters would make for a really big bridal party.


Do you really want all those people surrounding you?

I mean, it’s you and your partner who is getting married, you’re the “stars” of the show that day. What reason really is there to have all those people on your sides, other than it’s tradition? (And let’s be honest, a pretty worn out tradition.)

No one really wants to wear a bridesmaids dress

While a bride who’s on her right mind would want to get the best possible dress for her bridesmaids, what are really the chances everyone’s going to like it and feel comfortable in it? Maybe they’ll feel the color doesn’t suit their skin tone, the cut is too revealing for their taste, or exposes something they’d usually opt for hiding. And if they’re uncomfortable, they’re just not going to have fun at your wedding.


Of course, it’s really a personal decision and it does have a number of pros, if we’re going to be fair.

For one, it’s a good way to honor people close to you – if you have a select number of close friends, it’ll be much easier. Other than that, having bridesmaids will offer you an extra boost of emotional support and you might feel more comforted to know you have people there who will be with you every step of the way until you’re standing at the altar saying “I do.”



And at the end of the day, bridal party or not, your wedding is about you and your partner having decided you want to spend the rest of your lives together and gathering your friends and family to be a part of that moment, and that’s what’s really important.


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Source: Delish