These ‘Negative Space’ Manicures Are Perfect For Lazy Girls

Being a lazy girl myself, I love getting manicures but I also hate getting manicures because I suck at maintaining them. I don’t even get them done regularly so walking around with chipped nails is inevitable. In case I get them with gel, it’s almost always that I’m either busy or just lazy to get them refilled and they grow out looking weird. But for all us lazy girls, there’s a solution called the negative space manicures. Hooray!

Negative space manicures are a brilliant technique in which your natural nail is incorporated into the nail art, looking flawless beyond a week. If your design is only on the upper half of your nail and in gel, you can even keep them for a month. Why is this cool? You can go on vacations, have busy meetings and don’t have to maintain them and they’ll still look as good as the first day.

Below you can find some designs that you might find appealing. P.S let us know which one did you like best in the comments below.



This nail design might be the next one you’re opting for. I mean, what there not to love?

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Accent Nail

This black french manicure with a kitty illustration is perfect for everything.

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Silver Foil

Patches of silver foil look so simple yet so beautiful and sophisticated.

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You can experiment with any color you like and it will look good on your plain neutral nail.

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Highlighter Hues

And if you’re extra, go for long square nails and popping colors.

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Minimalist Floral

These handpainted white flowers are my personal favorite.

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A few shades of pink look simply pretty.

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Racer Stripe

Don’t have time to paint all your nails? That’s okay, just paint racer stripes.

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Gold Ombré

Bringing glamour to your everyday life.

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Bright Colors

Brighten up your plain nails with just a few swipes of your favorite colors.

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Color Blocking

Can’t decide on one color? Cool, use all of them. They’ll look good as your natural nails will balance the mix of colors.

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Tiny red hearts look really cute.

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