These 12+ People Had The Perfect Response To Their Neighbors

Unless you live in the woods or some faraway unexplored land, you have probably experienced what it’s like to have neighbors. While there are people who are best pals with their neighbors, there are also others who don’t even know who lives next door.

But, as these two are just two ends of the spectrum – there are also people who have some sort of ‘war’ going on with their neighbor. And as soon as you think things have calmed down a little – out comes another battle. Maybe the next door neighbor won’t stop parking their car in front of your house, maybe they simply make too much noise, and maybe they just can’t stop giving you that grumpy stare. Anything could happen.

However, there are people who have decided to send messages to their neighbors both directly or indirectly. Anyway, the tension is real! Scroll to see and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. Fair enough. Let’s just hope they can read!


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2. Please and thank you.

neighbor response

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3. Everyone has a pair of favorite shoes. This person’s neighbors’ happen to be out of concrete.

neighbor response

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4. “I mowed my elderly neighbor’s lawn. The people on the left of her mowed a day after. I guess I didn’t mow right to the property line.”

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5. “My neighbor owed me $288.66 for my vet bills after his Great Dane attacked my Golden. This is how he paid me, one day before I was going to take him to small claims court.”

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6. “My friend parked like a d-bag. The neighbor kids left him a message.”

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7. “Our neighbors very precisely only cleaned their part of the wall.”

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8. “My neighbor and I have different lifestyles.”

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9. “Our neighbor anonymously reported us to the city because our trash cans were not behind a barrier. Now they are.”

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10. “My sister and her husband live in a small town, they came home to this note on their door.”

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11. “Your move.”

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12. “Whenever a ball goes into my neighbors yard, he puts them in his tree so no one can get them back.”

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13. “My neighbor has a turbine with a bad bearing…it’s obnoxiously loud…He went to go check it out because it’s been real quiet lately…”

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14. “My neighbor’s wifi name was bugging me for ages…”

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15. “My neighbors complained that it’s too cold for my dog to be outside all day during the winter. I sent them this.”

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Any additions to the list? We’d love to know!


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