Neighbors Mistake Statue For A Frozen Person On A Bench

For people having no permanent home, it is hard when the weather conditions worsen. Homeless people struggle a lot during the winter months. Sadly, many of them die at a young age because of the cold temperatures. There are people who take care of the homeless in the cold days, and then there are some who get a terrible surprise. The West Midlands Ambulance Crew, who are based in the UK, went to help a person after they received a call that a man seen sitting on a bench in terrible conditions. They were in for a real surprise. It was not a real person after all!


Someone had spotted a person sitting on a bench in the local park, and was seemingly not moving.


The West Midlands Ambulance Crew went to see what was going on.


The ambulance crew feared the worse. However, when they arrived, they saw an actual statue! The statue was put there in 2014 and the ambulance crew felt relieved it was not a real person after all.


A member of the West Midlands Ambulance crew, a paramedic named Katie Tudor, tweeted about the experience. The Tweet read, “Next, call from a member of the public who was concerned that there was someone sat on a bench, not moving and covered in snow! Luckily, on our arrival, it turned out to be a statue.”


The West Midlands Ambulance Service then released their statement about this incident. It said:  “Somebody in their car spotted who they thought was a person covered in snow and called us. An ambulance arrived straight away and our crew was there for exactly minute and one second. The woman who called us had good intentions, but it’s unfortunate that she didn’t go over to check first that it wasn’t a statue.” Can you believe how fast they were? Well done!


They were happy it was not an actual person, but a statue. The confusing statue is called the Lady in the Park and sits on a bench in Brampton Park. People installed it there to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. The statue represents a woman reading a letter sent from the armed forces. It also informs her that her family has been killed.


After the incident, Katie’s tweet went viral and people were amazed that people didn’t check on the person before calling the crew. One commenter, another paramedic named Peter Bowles said, “Good grief! Perhaps ask the “patient” if they’re OK from a safe distance, if you can, before calling 999???” That’s a good point, actually!

Here‘s how a random act of kindness changed a homeless person’s life.

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