Netflix Warns People Who Are Doing The “Bird Box” Challenge

A Bird Box Challenge is expected after the amount of audience the movie has had. And it is taking over fast. Bird Box was released on Netflix on the 18th of December 2018. Shortly after the movie gained a lot of fans and talk. Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie where you have to be blindfolded to avoid seeing a monster which soon after you see, you will kill yourself. The suspenseful, horror movie stars actors Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, and Lil Rel Howery. 

Throughout the movie, the main character Malorie (Sandra Bullock) alongside many other characters who go on a journey to find a safe place away from the monster.

bird box challenge

There are millions of memes out there made from the movie, people are talking about it non stop. Now they are taking things to a whole other level. A new challenge has arisen. The “Bird Box Challenge” where people live 24 hours blindfolded, doing what they would normally do on a daily basis.

I mean we have all had our fair share of moments where we spent hours and hours on YouTube watching YouTube Challenges, the newest one seems very promising and entertaining, but not safe. Netflix has posted on their official social media accounts telling people to be safe while doing the challenge.

Famous YouTuber Morgan Adams, trying doing the whole challenge for 24 hours whereas there are others who only did it for only a few.

Source: Morgan Adams

Let’s go through some of the videos that have been posted on YouTube doing the “Bird Box Challenge.”

Source: Bradford Tube

Source: TheNewAdamb99

Source: Malic & Katrine

After seeing the whole trend getting out hands, Netflix posted a tweet warning people who are doing the “Bird Box Challenge”. They want them to be safe and consider the fact it can possibly lead to hospitalization.

bird box challenge
Netflix US

Doing challenges may seem like fun and it can be as long as you are not hurting your self and others around you.

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