Remove Your Makeup With Neutrogena’s Individually Wrapped Makeup-Remover Wipes

You know what’s the worst thing about makeup? The moment you are finally home from a long day and you have to face the most boring and annoying process. Tossing your hair in a messy bun and getting the grime off your face. I mean, removing makeup. And, the heavier your makeup is, the longer it will take. But hang in there, you can do it in 2 minutes, probably less.

Neutrogena has just released their well-known makeup remover wipes in single packs. Finally, some lifesaver makeup wipes to save the day. Except for makeup, these wipes will wipe off the oil and sweat accumulated into your pores.

Until now, Neutrogena has offered these as 25-count and a seven-count travel packs. So, you can buy them in a bag of 20 individually wrapped wipes, for only $5.99.

Very comfortable to fit into your bag, and take them whenever and wherever you need one. Or two.

These individually wrapped and pre-moistened wipes are very effective in dissolving all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. Even that stubborn annoying waterproof mascara will be gone with these wipes to the rescue! Your skin will be all clean and fresh-looking, with no heavy residue, so you don’t even need to rinse with water. They are alcohol-free and ophthalmologist, dermatologist and allergy-tested.

Whenever you are preparing for work, gym or traveling, they are a perfect go-to.

Neutrogena's Wrapped Makeup-Remover Wipes

How to use

Take a wipe and gently wipe your face, removing dirt and all traces of makeup on face and eyes. There is no need to rinse after using the Neutrogena wipe. Throw out the wipe in trash. (Do not flush!). You can take the pack with you to work or in your gym bag. Basically, they’re practical to keep them anywhere.


Source: Bestproducts

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