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Why You Should Never Ever Use Spray Tan: 11 Times It Went Horribly Wrong

Spray tan. Oh man, the list of things I hate keeps getting longer and longer! Like, why don’t you get a proper tan the proper way? I understand people with rare medical conditions having to use spray tan, but let’s be real here – it’s mostly comically vain people that resort to these gimmicks.

Of course, the silly practice comes with notable risks. Painting your skin over like it’s some kind of fence is BOUND to go wrong sooner or later! And thanks to ViralThread, here’s a nice, handy, SCARY list of super disastrous spray tan fails. You know someone who’s thinking about getting a tan this way? Send them this.

And make them scroll down.

1. Congratulations, you look like a burn victim.


2. Oops. Lucky for her, this is a minor spray tan incident, and her hair will cover most of the odd skin patch.


3. Testing it on a patch of skin is your best bet before ruining your entire complexion.


4. Also, God help you if you miss a spot…


5. So. This woman cried (because she used spray tan) and her tears removed the spray tan! A MIRACLE!


6. Another case of tears wiping off skin paint.


7. Like, you literally put spray tan inside your baby’s mouth. Congrats!


8. Looks like she stepped on some dog poop outside.


9. And this woman fell down an oil well.


10. Careful where you lean – some surfaces will remove the paint job.


11. Please take a shower. Or just cry… A LOT.


See these photos, you stylish person? DON’T do paint jobs! Your natural complexion is beautiful, and if you really want a tan, your best bet is acquiring it the natural way. Besides, it’s much more pleasant.

Source: Viralthread