These Iridescent New Balance Sneakers Are All We Need In Life

For everyone who wants to start the new year in style, New Balance just released these incredibly good looking Fuelcore running sneakers. These iridescent sneakers are all we want in life, plus they are super affordable. They are $65 which is an amazing deal for high-quality kicks like these that every sneakers lover would appreciate.

New Balance is a company that was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley who was a British emigrant. His first product was designed with three support points providing greater balance and comfort in the shoe. The company claims that their products are distinguished by their technical features, like blended gel inserts, heel counters and a greater selection of sizes. New Balance has made total profits of approximately $69 billion since 1991.

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These super adorable sneakers are not just good for running, but also for walking your dog or any other fun activity. Plus they will make your outfit even more stylish. According to some testers, the mechanisms and the form of the shoe are awesome. The sneakers are designed to suit the world’s fastest athletes.

Also, they feature an ultra-breathable air mesh upper that helps you stay cool and comfortable after your run heats you up. The sneakers have a reflective synthetic cage overlay for added support and the New Balance logo on the heel. The added heel and the foam performance cushioning makes them extra comfortable.


So what are you waiting for, time to order these sneakers and look fresh. You can also order them from Bloomingdales. I know I am getting a pair because I am in love.

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