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The New Emojis Are Here & Gingers Are Finally Getting Their Own Emoji

The New Emojis Are Here & Gingers Are Finally Getting Their Own Emoji


I grew up in the ’90s, and if someone had told me that humans will communicate through something called emoji in the future, I would have probably called 911 on them. No, I wouldn’t even ask them “WTF is an emoji?” I’d just raise my eyebrow, back away slowly, and start dialing 911 on the hardware buttons of my ancient Nokia flip phone.

How times have changed, huh? Emoji are basically floating virtual, um, hieroglyphs? Pictograms? That’s how I would describe them to someone from the ’90s or before. But here’s the uncanny thing – if you went back thousands of years in time, and explained the concept to someone in ancient Egypt or China, guess what? They’ll just be nodding their heads and would probably express disappointment in humanity for not changing much.

Anyways, back to 2018, and the breaking news: We’re getting an impressive number of new emojis soon! Or as UNILAD reports, precisely 157 of them. What’s new? Well, gingers are finally getting the emojis they deserve, regardless of their lack of soul and other stuff. (Like a normal sex life, for example.) Anything else? Well, bald people too.

Not to belabor the point, here’s a short video where you can preview all of the new emojis:

The pack contains entirely new stuff too, like a “woozy face,” or a four-love-hearted smiley. But I always need more emojis that represent activities! And this latest update pack didn’t disappoint, now we’ll have emojis for activities like doing lacrosse, skateboarding or – wait for it – sewing!

The new emojis have made good news so far, since most people simply love them. That love, however, is not to be confused with the notorious Emoji Movie, which was disliked by… Well, probably everyone.

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Source: Unilad

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