New Emojis Are Coming To Our Phones This Year And The “Pinching Hand” One Is Already Everyone’s Favorite

Emojis are worth a thousand words. Well, not really, but you get the point. They have basically become a new language – be it in social media, or in everyday texting. You can convey a message using only these symbols and pretty much everyone will be able to understand what you meant. That’s how helpful emojis are.

Source: Emojipedia

Every year, countless emojis are added to the library on our phones, and this year, Unicode released a list of 230 new symbols. Most of the time they’re added for diversity or inclusion, but sometimes it’s because people want to have more symbols to express themselves, like a taco or a middle finger sign.

Well, this time, Unicode did not disappoint, especially with the “pinching hand” emoji.

new emojis coming this year

That’s a hand that is about to pinch someone but clearly, it can also be used as a symbol to tell that something is small. Right? And we’re all probably thinking the same thing. I mean, Twitter has spoken, so that means yes.

One person wrote:

Pack it up fellas, every girl just gained the ability to win an argument in just one emoji.

Where’s the lie, though?!

Another one said:

Somebody send you the pinching hand emoji back and you just gotta throw your whole phone away.

In addition to the emoji that relates to the penis size, there are plenty more symbols being released, including variants for gender and skin tones.

Unicode is adding a yawning face (yay), different people who are blind, deaf, as well as in wheelchairs. We’ll also have different skin colors for couples, two women, two men, or a man and a woman holding hands.

As for the animal category, we’ve got two types of service dogs, orangutan, skunk, and a flamingo (finally). There’s also Jupiter, onion, waffle, shoes, a new temple, kite, drop of blood, yo-yo, tuk-tuk, and some colored squares. Unicode also thought we needed a brown heart and an oyster so get ready to use them too.

The new batch of emojis will be available on March 5, but it’s still unknown when in 2019 we will have the symbols on our phones.


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