New Jersey Is The Latest State To Introduce Gender-Neutral Birth Certificates

Many countries now recognize non-binary or third gender classifications. One of them is New Jersey who just became the fourth state in the USA where you can now register your newborn baby as gender-neutral under the law which expands transgender rights.

Starting from February 1, parents in New Jersey will have the option to register their child as gender-neutral. With three options to chose, they can decide whether they want or not to gender their child at birth.

new jersey introduces gender neutral birth certificates
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This change will also help non-binary and transgender people change their birth certificate and claim their gender identity, and finally identify themselves as something that is recognized by their state – legally.

New Jersey already had laws that require from schools refer to their students by their preferred gender, however, many of these students have reported they’re still discriminated, harassed and bullied, be it by their peers or someone else.

The law was signed by Gov. Phil Murphy last July and was named for Babs Siperstein, the first elected transgender member of the Democratic National Committee.

Ashley Chiappano from the group Garden State Equality, spoke to News12 New Jersey, saying:

Just because your sex assigned at birth is one thing, it does not necessarily mean that it is something that’s going to be consistent with your gender identity throughout your life.

Sex is more like a label. When we’re talking about sex, this is an assignment by a doctor.

Gender identity goes even further to say that it’s how you feel on the inside and how you express yourself. It’s how you express yourself through your clothing, your behavior, your personal appearance.

Jaimie Wilson, DJ, and musician from Ann-Arbour, revealed for UNILAD how ‘liberating’ he felt when he underwent gender reassignment and went on living his life as he always felt himself be. Thee 22-year-old recalled the surgery, saying:

Transitioning for me physically was the best feeling. I remember cutting my long hair off and how, although the world remained the same, it felt like a whole new one!

Emotionally I felt content and noticed my social anxiety and stress level sort of just disappeared. I became a more happy and lively person. I became me.

The musician added that it was like living your whole life like someone else, and then just like magic, you start being your true self.


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For those who can’t afford the gender reassignment surgeries, it felt even worse when authorities didn’t recognize their rightful gender in documents. Now, Oregon, California, Washington and recently New York and New Jersey, have all approved similar legislation. Hopefully, other countries will follow suit, soon.


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Source: Unilad