These Newborn White Tiger Triplets Are Probably The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Some adorable newborn white tiger triplets are taking the internet by storm with their overloaded cuteness. People had the chance to get a glimpse of these three white tiger cubs at a zoo in south-west China.

The triplets were born two and a half months ago, and their birth is a vitally important step when it comes to protecting rare animals. The visitors were overjoyed while watching the Bengal triplets, born at Yunnan Wildlife Park in Kunming city. The baby tigers have joined the other six white tigers, born just last year at the Chinese zoo.

During the country’s national holiday, they’ve decided to hold a competition to find names for the cubs.

The newborn triplets trying to keep their eyes open (but failing), at their first appearance.

Bengal tigers usually have blue eyes, just like these three, but there are cases of them having green or amber color eyes, as well.

Cute little baby!

China news released a video showing the cute little cubs in white fur and black stripes, as they fall down and try hard to stay awake for their first public appearance.

I’m eager to know what they’ll be naming the newborn triplets. Only the best names for the Bengal tigers, hence the competition.

white tiger triplets
According to the statement made by the zoo, the new mother is struggling to nurse the cubs on her own because of her lack of experience. But the breeders at the zoo are helping the new mom with that.

white tiger triplets
The Yunnan Wildlife Park, among other things, said on the statement:

After taking care of the cubs for two-and-a-half months, the three white tigers are in good health and can carry out simple interactions with visitors.

The white tigers are a (perfect) mutation of orange Bengal tigers. Their color is what makes them unique. White tigers can be born only if both the parents have the unusual gene.

White Bengal tigers grow faster and heavier than the orange tigers. They’re also called Indian tigers.

white tiger triplets
There are several hundred white tigers that are captive, and unfortunately, the number of captive tigers is increasing.

white tiger triplets

According to Reuters, 5,000 to 7,000 orange tigers live in wild, while there are only a few white tigers in the world.

Lucky those who got to see the triplets!


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Source: Dailymail