The Newest Blonde Trends For 2018 Will Give You A Dreamy Look

Ladies, let’s admit it openly, there is no such thing as “I never thought of giving my hair a blonde look”. It happens to all of us,  pondering about visiting our hairdresser and finally going for it. What’s stopping you?
Well, in case you need just a little push or you’re just missing ideas, we are here for you. To make your hair look fresh and sultry see the bevy of the inspirational blonde gals, below:

1. Pastel Hue Ends
Once your blonde, you might want to try other colors from time to time right? Give your hair a pinkish semi-permanent color, and no doubt your hair will have heads turning all the way.

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2. Blue and yellow tones

If pink is not your favorite color, then you might try this blue and lemon yellow, but make sure they are not permanent colors for they can be hard to wash out.

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3. Icy blonde

How about to dye your hair with an icy color like this? To finish the magnificent look, trim the bangs and you’ll rock this hairstyle.

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4. Creamy Blonde

This classic color is the best choice to go. In order to get this hair color is better to console your hairstylist, as trying it by yourself can ruin the color…As long as you’re not one of the girls that already know how to come with any color for your hair.

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5. Champagne Pop

Emma was brown Aug 3, and before that red, this is her 3rd Blonding Appt, 3 trims, and her hair feels healthier than ever“. Meaning that if you have dark colored hair and you want to go for blonde, it’s not that possible without giving it two to three tries.

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6. Bright Yellow toner

What a beautiful color!!! I would call that Banana Cream Dreamsaid one person. Yellow tunes are in trend again so better go for it, as you won’t regret it!

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7. Coconut Blonde
What’s a hair color when it doesn’t have the name of something edible on it? This coconut balyage is something I always opted for.

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8. Cream Soda Blonde
I know you would be surprised like me because I wouldn’t call this color blonde either. Well, somewhere between blonde and brunette, yes but it doesn’t matter, let’s all agree that it stays so beautiful on her!

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