Newlyweds Realize They Were Once Childhood Sweethearts Through Old Photos

Love stories are incredible. Some relationships start at an early age, and some finish soon, but true love always lasts. For the next couple, love started at an early age, but they were barely aware of it. As a matter of fact, the nowadays newlyweds realized they were once childhood sweethearts. Heidi and Ed Savitt met at Newcastle University, England in 2001. They started dating quickly after exchanging some messages. Heidi was the former tenant of Ed’s student flat. Years later, they found out something incredible. They had known each other before.


After dating for two years, the couple was out for dinner with Heidi’s mom, Kay. She mentioned that her daughter once had a holiday romance with a child named Ed when they were six years old.

The couple did not pay attention to this, but Kay started rummaging through old photos. Two weeks later, he found a picture of Heidi and the boy from their family holiday to Turkey in July, 1997. Ed’s future mother-in-law knew that Heidi’s childhood sweetheart was Ed – the owner of DropShop Coffee.

“None of us had any idea whatsoever that Heidi and Ed had met before university. But during that two-week holiday, they held hands most of the time,” Kay stated for the media. “Perhaps they just had a subconscious realisation they had shared that time together when they met as adults. We sent it around to all our family and friends and everyone was amazed. The phones didn’t stop ringing and everyone was liking it on Facebook,” she added.


Two decades later, the two married.

It was a romantic ceremony in August, at Haddon Hall – a 12th Century manor house in the Derbeyshire countryside.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the couple expressed their shock over the beautiful revelation. Heidi asserted, “It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this. From the moment we started dating we were inseparable and knew we were going to be together forever.” She continued, “I didn’t believe in fate before finding that out but there’s no arguing with it – we’re clearly destined to be together!”


This story is more than adorable!

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