Niagara Falls Freezes Over Due To The Extreme Cold In North America

The United States of America is experiencing some harsh weather. The extreme cold has taken a toll around the States! The temperature in some parts of America has dropped as low as -40C.

Niagara Falls has also experienced the aftermath of the cold weather. The waterfalls have partially frozen due to sub-zero temperatures.

Niagara Falls freezes over
Credit: PA

In the enchanting pictures, we can see the waterfalls that straddle the border of USA/Canada look absolutely other-worldly.

Source: News 8 WROC

The temperatures aren’t as low near to the falls in Ontario as they have been in Chicago and Minnesota. But it has been down at around -4C.

However, although it is frozen, the water never stops moving.

See pictures below:

Niagara Falls freezes over
Credit: PA

If you look at the pictures closely, you can see steam rising from the river. That’s due to the fact that the water in the river is warmer than the air that’s surrounding it.

Credit: PA

It has been so cold in the US these days that people have been warned to cover their faces as well as avoid breathing deeply or talking when outside.

The falls froze back at the beginning of January and the pictures, taken by talented photographers, look truly stunning.

See below:

Credit: PA

Lake Michigan, also known as one of the largest lakes in the world, has frozen as well. In some pictures of Lake Michigan, we can also see the fog, known as “boiling cauldron” effect – which is created when the freezing air is in contact with water.

The second coldest day in 150 years was recorded in Chicago when the mercury got down at -17C. Flights have been grounded in many parts of the US.

There is also a concern for those who are vulnerable or live on their own. The weather is truly concerning for residents and those who have to travel.

Stay safe and warm out there!



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