Nicole Kidman Celebrates 12th Anniversary To Keith Urban And Shares An Unseen Video Of Her Wedding

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrated 12 years of marriage recently. As their romance looks so cinematic you’d expect them to have dreamy video footage from the early marriage days. The good news is we have it for you because Nicole shared some rare footage from their wedding day. The video shows glimpses of the church they got married in. The church was in Australia, Nicole and Keith’s home country. It also shows the two kissing and looking very much in love:

But Keith also shared a cute candid photo of the two where Keith is playing the piano and Nicole is dancing to the music. He writes in the caption, “12 years of celestial synergized soul dancing. Happy anniversary Babygirl!!! I love you SO much. – KU

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At the time they got married they didn’t let us see much of the big day, although their wedding was covered by press and media all over the world.

Although, In their early years of marriage, people weren’t sure if they would last. Four months after their wedding, Nicole staged an intervention for Keith and he went to rehab for the third time in his life. Luckily for both of them, he got sober and their marriage seems better than ever these days.

Now, Nicole and Keith have two daughters together, Sunday Rose, 9, and Faith Margaret, 7.

Keith recently released a new album called GraffitiU and is on tour promoting his new songs. Nicole stars in the popular show, Little Big Lies.

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We hope the “celestial synergized soul dancing” of these two people continues well until the last days of their life, they look so good together!

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