Nicole Kidman’s Children Cry In Horror As She Rescues A Black Tarantula In Her Swimming Pool

If you don’t know what arachnophobia is I’ll tell you right now – is the fear from spiders. Maybe you’re not one of the arachnophobes but I know lots of them in my circle of friends. I also know people being afraid of bugs mice, snakes and more else. However, honestly speaking sometimes there’s ground to be scared, as some of the spiders might be harmless, there are others that are venomous. Such as the black widow, I remember learning about it in primary school, unfortunately, its’ bites are fatal to humans.

Well, let us not make this a horror story though. I don’t think I ever saw a tarantula in my life but the Australian actress Nicole Kidman did saw it and made sure to record it for us.

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Although her kids screamed terrified to her: “Get back, mom! Step back!” The Oscar-winning actress decided to rescue the massive black spider from drowning into the swimming pool. Apparently, she’s not one of the arachnophobes we talked about as in the video we later see the spider contained in a glass of water. Nicole says “I had to take care of this spider” – so she took the massive black tarantula and put it in a glass of wate.

But don’t worry as the spider got released soon, as Kidman reassured us with the caption:

“House guest! Catch and release…spider released unharmed and healthy ❤Happy Sunday.

Some people even commented that the noises of the kids in the background were simply terrifying. While others said, “actual footage of me (screaming in the background) when confronted with any size spider 🕷”.

Even some celebrities reacted on the video such as Octavia Spenser saying”I would have to move. Nope.”

Then Naomi Watts commented too: “You are kidding me!! My worst nightmare!!!”

I don’t know what to say, but maybe next time, instead of having those evil thoughts I told you about at the beginning of this article, it’s better for us to identify the dangerous insects and animals and why not, in this kind of situations, let us act like Nicole Kidman and rescue them when we can!

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