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You Will Either Love Or Hate These New Astro Turf Trainers By Nike

You Will Either Love Or Hate These New Astro Turf Trainers By Nike

The latest fashion trends tend to be environment-friendly and related to sustainability, we get that, but maybe Nike has taken the idea a tad too far. This week, the giant sports brand announced the plans to release Air Max 1 Golf ‘Grass’ shoes that are exactly what you just read. The new kicks will feature 4G turf around the outside, with a little bit visible white swoosh and a gum rubber outsole with golf-ready traction.

Credit: Nike

Nike’s new release announcement has caused the internet to take sides. The shoes designed by Tinker Hatfield sure do make quite the fashion statement. Although no release date has been made public, fans are already gearing up to buy a pair when they go on sale, expected to retail at $140 (£110).

Credit: Nike

The announcement has caused a lot of mixed reactions, with some people questioning whether the creators were high and used the same material they were on. One Twitter user commented:

Perfect shoes for mowing the lawn

While another said:

These look like shoes I would be so proud of when I was ten, but so embarrassed when I saw a picture of myself wearing them.

However, on the other hand, there were some people who liked the invention, branding the design as ‘fire’. One person said:

These are so crazy that I kinda want them. If the insoles were corkscrew I’d dig ’em.

Credit: Nike

Astro turf trainers? Well, okay I guess.

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Maybe we will see the new kicks at the Abu Dhabi HSCS Golf Championship. The sports brand sponsors a range of major stars in golfing such as Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Tommy Fleetwood, and Francesco Molinari. We have yet to see if any of these players will sport them as an early handout. Do you think that astro turf footwear is a step too far, or would you totally rock them? As for me, they look pretty comfortable, and I could always wear them on Halloween, so you never really know.


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