Did You Know That Nike Owns All Of These Brands?

Nike is an American multinational corporation that handles the designing, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, sports equipment, accessories and so much more. The brand with its distinct V-shaped logo quickly became a status symbol in modern urban fashion and hip-hop industry due to its association with success in sports.

This Tuesday, over the long weekend due to Labor Day, Nike announced that Colin Kaepernick would be the star of its 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign. Kaepernick recently signed a 10-year deal with the NFL which excluded him for peaceful protests last season.

And celebrities have already shared their support for the billion-dollar brand since that day. Serena Williams has tweeted that she is “especially proud to be a part of the Nike family today.”

Kathy Griffin also cheered for Kaepernick in a tweet shared recently. However, some anti-Civil Rights consumers are very mad by Nike’s latest move and they are destroying their Nike belongings to show their angst. A viral tweet showed one man cutting the Swoosh marks off of his Nike tube socks while another set his sneakers on fire while wearing them. In my opinion, this is plain stupid and does not damage the brand at all, since they already paid for the clothing they are damaging, but anyhoo. Moreover, some people are threatening to boycott Nike altogether, possibly without fully understanding how much the brand really stretches. One Instagram person threatened to only wear Converse from now on, and wait for this. Did you know that Converse is actually owned by Nike Inc.? Now you know. In fact, scroll down to see the brands that are owned by Nike:


1. Converse

The brand behind those classic Chuck Taylor All Stars was purchased by Nike for $305 million.

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2. Hurley

Just last year, Nike Inc. added one of the leaders in surf apparel under its name.

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3. Air Jordan

Also, the Air Jordan brand is another Nike subsidiary that will continue to bring profit to the multinational corporation.

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