Non-English-Speaking Nurse Leaves Note For Patient – People’s Interpretations Will Have You LOL-ing

Be wary, you are going to die LAUGHING while going through this piece or read. 

When traveling or even going for studies abroad, it is a real struggle when you don’t speak the language. Nevertheless, as an international language, English can always save your life. Considering the fact that most of the people speak English nowadays, we underestimate the minority of people who only know the basics. And, truth be told, even the basics are good to save your day.

BUT, when misunderstandings and mix-ups come up we can’t help but laugh out loud. Without wanting to offend anybody, let us face it that we all have been through such situations at least once. If not you and me, this non-English speaking nurse has for sure been there, done that.

The nurse from China wanted to make sure that her patient is getting all the information right before getting the surgery and since she didn’t speak any English, she thought of using some scary graphics.

WaspDog, the Reddit user took to Reddit to share the note the nurse left and it has taken the net by storm. When you look at the note, we all get the idea of the graphic design which is, ‘The patient has surgery tomorrow and tonight he/she cannot have food or water after 10 pm and the surgery is tomorrow at 8 a.m.’ However, the genius minds have shared the hilarious interpretations to which we can’t keep the laugh.

Let us go through them together but beforehand see the note for yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to leave your interpretation of the note by the end in the comments’ section. Hop on!

1. Frostdynamite


2. Chris Boon

Chris Boon


3.  Error_101_


4. Admiral_Nowhere


5. Vincent Brochu

Vincent Brochu

6. Luminox


7. 69macncheese69


8. lordak16


9. radiantwave


10. Panda_ae86


11. Ahhr Jhei

Ahhr Jhei

12. geeksabre


13. Leslie Ruggles

non-English-speaking nurse
Leslie Ruggles

14. thoroakenfelder

non-English-speaking nurse

Now, this would be my interpretation: We don’t have any food or water, we’re going hunting tomorrow at 8:00 am.


Source: Boredpanda