These Rad Elderly People Prove That You Can Still Have Fun When You’re Old!

We’ve all stereotyped other people in one way or another. We’ve been preconditioned as a society to have this belief that when we reach a certain age, our lives are over and we’ve missed the window of opportunity to fulfill all of the dreams we once wanted to pursue. people of all ages, gender, races, sexual orientation and backgrounds are typically portrayed in a specific way in movies or through the media and we’re so acclimatized to witnessing these unfair representations that causes us to believe that this is just the way people are in our society.

The reality of it all, is that thankfully we are aware that these stereotypes aren’t necessarily true in some cases. It’s heartwarming to see individuals everyday alter our perception of stereotypes every once in a while, allowing their unique, enthusiastic and eccentric personalities shine on. In a world that’s continuously ridden with depressing news, it’s important to relax every now and then by celebrating the weird and wonderful.

These people over 60 years of age are completely wiping out any stereotype you’ve ever conceived about the elderly, and we love them for that. Remember ladies and gents, age is just a number…

1) Greta Pontarelli- The 67 year old pole dancer

The incredibly flexible and inspirational lady that took up pole dancing at 59 years of age to fight against osteoporosis and to just have fun while she still can! Pontarelli is a pole dancing champion that competes throughout the world, surprising judges with her gravity defying moves. Pontarelli commented on her unusual occupation saying that “I want people to realize that age shouldn’t stop you following your dreams.”

2) Lloyd Kahn- The 81 year old skateboarder

Kahn decided to embrace the extreme and take up a new hobby at the age of 65, and he ended up falling in love with skateboarding. He realized the similarities between his lifelong passion of surfing and skateboarding so he chose to take the chance and never looked back!

3) Ruth Flowers “Mamy Rock” began her career as a club DJ at aged 68 and had amazing success before passing away in 2014

The famous and wonderful British disc jockey took the European club scene by storm andsaid that “becoming a DJ was the best thing I ever did. Her debut concert had celebrities in attendance such as Mariah Carey and Lenny Kravitz. Ruth traveled the world following her passion on the turntables and made TV appearances along with radio broadcasts. We absolutely admire Mamy Rock.

4) Baddie Winke- The 89 Year Old Internet Sensation

This badass grandma became an internet sensation 4 years ago and we literally cannot get enough of her. Her social media tag line ‘stealing yo man since 1928’ has put smiles on the faces of people all over the world and she can now be found at red carpet events rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest celebs on the planet as well as modelling for huge clothing lines. We hope we’re even half as cool as she is when we’re almost 90.

5) Dr. Jeffrey Life- The buff 80 year old physician

Not only is Dr. Jeffrey Life consistently making waves and turning heads with his jacked bod, he’s also an author that’s written multiple books about dieting and nutrition. He even admitted that he’s in better shape at 80 than he was when he was 21! Gives us all hope, doesn’t it?

6) Lynn Ruth Miller- The 84 year old stand up comedian

This funny geezer began her comedy career at 71 and has an impressive amount of achievements under her belt (She made it to Las Vegas in America’s Got Talent, 2008, awarded the People’s Choice in 2009 Branson Comedy Festival and made it to the finals in Bill Word’s Funniest Female Contest 2009 to name a few). Lynn Ruth Miller is proving that even though other things may slow down over time, a good sense of humour never dies!

7) Paul Fegan- The 78 year old magician

This former multi millionaire lost everything years back and now makes a living doing card tricks. For the past 12 years, Paul has been performing five to ten times a week, under the moniker Fantastic Fig. We agree Paul, fantastic is the best way to describe you.

8) Jacqueline Murdock- The 84 year old supermodel

The beautiful Mrs Murdock proves that you can still look absolutely fabulous in your 80s. Murdock had always dreamed of being a supermodel and visiting Paris when she was younger, and she isn’t planning on letting this opportunity slip through her fingers- “My whole life, I wanted to visit Paris but never got around to it. But now, I’ve firmly decided: I’m going to save money and go there.”

9) Vivienne Westwood- The 77 year old fashion designer and campaigner

Ok, so you’ve most likely already heard of Vivienne Westwood- she’s one of the most iconic and influential fashion designers of the past 50 years. Although Westwood didn’t actually begin her career later in life, there’s no way we can deny that she’s one of the savviest older women in the world. As well as brining punk and new wave fashion to the mainstream- Westwood now also joins the movement for civil rights, climate change and political issues. What a woman!

10) Nola Ochs- the world’s oldest college graduate

Ochs became the worlds oldest college graduate at the ripe old age of 95! She graduated from Fort Hays State University in Kansas in May 2007 and is living proof that it’s never too late to learn something new and earn a college degree! You go girl.

11) Yuichiro Miura- the oldest person ever to scale Mount Everest at age 80

Climbing the world’s highest mountain is an incredible achievement at any age- but at aged 80, Miura gave thousands of people half his age a real run for their money, now I feel a bit out of shape as well!

12) John Glenn- the 93 year old spaceman

A popular job that many kids aspire to be, is to become a spaceman. It’s something that seems so out of reach (no pun intended) and impossible that we all settle for plain boring office jobs in the end. However, at 93 John Glenn amazed everybody when he became the oldest person ever to go to space. What an incredible achievement.

13) Bill Cunningham- the American photographer was taking photos up until he died in 2016 aged 87

This famous fashion photographer was known for frolicking through streets of New York and taking candid photos of anyone he thought looked fabulous! Cunningham caught the attention of The New York Times and reported for the paper for many decades. His beautiful photos will go down in history.

May the master of street style rest in peace.

Source: Buzz.auntyacid