This Notorious Birthday Invitation Is Making People Lose Their Minds

Birthdays should be the happiest day of the person who’s celebrating it. We get that – even when they’re babies. And it’s fairly usual to send your friends and relatives a birthday invitation, formally or informally. But a birthday pre-invitation? Or also known as pre-assigned gift shopping list?

Rightfully it raised the hairs on many people’s necks. Don’t see why?

Here, read and weep:


Source: Reddit | razz32

Can you imagine opening your email one day, looking forward to the little cutie’s birthday, already having a pretty clear idea what you want to gift the child and then…

You get that wall of text telling you what you’re SUPPOSED to buy.

Like what the hell?


In the best case scenario, it’s basically emotional blackmail 101. If you buy what they tell you, then you’re a good person, and next year, be ready to receive more gift-giving orders! Good boy!

But if you don’t buy what they said they wanted, then be prepared for a lot of explicit and implicit shaming and resentment. And chances are, you might even not get invited next year. You’ve been a bad boy, pooch!

Not to mention that bringing a gift is optional. You don’t hate on the person who didn’t manage to bring you anything – they may have very good reasons why they didn’t. You know, you’re throwing a party because you feel good and want to see the people you care about.

NOT because you just needed a bunch of home items and a birthday is the perfect excuse to rake them in from the pockets of other people.


Also, why do people even throw these massive parties for their toddlers? Like what the hell? The kid isn’t even capable of processing what’s actually going on. Would you throw a huge party just because your cat turned 3? No, right? What gives, then?

Just look at these baby birthday parties, they look like Paris Hilton’s wedding:


Source: Instagram | @jenmitchell08

Going back to the infamous birthday pre-invitation, it was posted on Reddit by an anonymous stranger. And it got over 6000 responses from other Redditors!

Let’s check out some of those:


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

And here’s how another Redditor imagined the ‘invitation proper’ would look like:


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

It makes you wonder why they never mentioned dress code?


Source: Mister Crew | Reddit | jimjam1022

Remember that hilarious “the #1 thing that leads to kidnapping” line?


Source: Pexels | Reddit | ForgettableUsername

Finally, one Reddit user topped it off with the perfect passive-aggressive proposal. It’s also a good idea if you really think about it – especially in the light of those spoiled parents.

Time for some birthday justice:


Source: Reddit | condimentia
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