Think People Didn’t Take Nudes Before? This Grandma Breaks The Taboo!

So, in this day and age, sex is still taboo. Even if your grandpa and grandma actually used it to create your parents. Who then used it to create you. It’s pretty unbelievable when you think about it.

And with the rise of the internet some things just became worse. Or, maybe they were always as bad as they are now, but you know, in the past people didn’t have that one-tap access to everyone’s thoughts. In the past, the horrible thoughts of Mitch the Lumberjack were removed by hundreds of miles of rock, river, mountains, wild animals and dense forest. Now, though, the horrible thoughts of Aunt Mildred are ALWAYS THERE WHEN I OPEN MY GODDAMN PHONE. Just go away, fiend!

And sexual behavior is one of those things we just looooove comparing. Now and then. Before and now. Were people as nasty? Did they have sex like we do? Were they as perverted as we are? (Am I maybe talking to myself here? Hmmm.)

Imagine what people will do in 2090, though? If they even still look human.


Well, Tumblr scientists uncovered new archaeological proof that seems to suggest that – yes! People were just as rowdy a century ago as they are now! (Thanks Bored Panda).

One Tumblr user, going by the name of ‘gallusrostromegalus’ decided to sniff around some old cupboards in her home. And, imagine her nostalgia when when found a long-lost package of her grandmother. And… Imagine her blushing surprise when she discovered that the package contained her grandma’s NUDES!

And these were not like, tasteful nudes (do tasteful nudes even qualify as nudes?), but these were… Well. Considering the photos were taken back in 1890, almost 130 years ago… Let’s just say her grandma was really, um, forward-looking.

Here’s what went down, in her own words:








And here come the comments:





Yay for grandma, I guess? I wonder if she succeeded in getting her husband back, though.

Source: boredpanda

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