Coincidental Drama: Offset’s Alleged Mistress Starred In Nicki Minaj’s ‘FEFE’ Music Video

As you may have already heard, Cardi B and Offset have broken off their marriage. To clear things out, Cardi B herself took to Instagram to post a video explaining why she and her husband are parting ways. As explained by Cardi B, apparently it’s just not working out for the couple anymore. Although Cardi has given her reasons why they’re breaking up, some are saying that it’s actually because of Offset cheating on Cardi.

Although back in January, Cardi admitted that the rumors were true, she never ceased giving out reasons why she was still staying with him. At some point, she even said:

This s— happens to everyone and i be too You too… People handle they relationship different soo.

But now, the whole breakup has become more dramatic, as apparently, the girl that Offset allegedly cheated on Cardi with was part of a Nicki Minaj video. Need I remind you of the incidents that took place a couple of months back? Well, there was a whole lot of drama in the New York Fashion Week, to say the least.


Summer Bunni is the woman with whom Offset allegedly cheated on his wife, the same woman who was part of Nicki Minaj’s “FEFE” music video. To confirm the rumors, Summer Bunni shared a video of herself during the production shooting. However, it appears that Summer Bunni has said she has regretted it. As she tells TMZ, she never wanted to break a happy home.

Sure, it was a coincidence that Summer Bunni starred in Cardi B’s nemesis music video due to the fact that the drama between Cardi and Nicki took place in September while the “FEFE” music video came out in July.

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However, need I remind you that Nicki actually hired two strippers to star in her new music video? Well, they are the same strippers that Cardi B allegedly attacked earlier this year. So, I guess it is safe to say that they’re still not past the drama.


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