Today’s Hair Goals: Olga Demidova’s Stunning Rapunzel Hair

Admit it: How many hours exactly did you spend in front of the mirror when you were little – wishing for Rapunzel hair? You know, like the one princesses usually have.

Or you know, like Olga Demidova from Saint Petersburg has.

The woman’s hair is down to her calves! The 44-year-old fitness trainer now wants to grow her hair to reach the floor, but what’s her secret?

Staying healthy and supermarket shampoo.

In other words, genetics probably.

Just look at this!


She’s a fitness trainer, imagine the gym updo routine every day!



“I decided to find out how long my hair can be,” she said, “and wanted to see if my hair could grow really long and reach my knee or further. I stopped cutting my hair I only trim it about two to three times a year and only trim three to five centimetres.’


She does try not to use damaging products, though and usually keeps it in a braid.


She said: “I use common shampoo conditioner and a mask from the super market. I don’t use oil or eggs like some. I only wash my hair.

The shampoo should include D panthenol or keratin. I wash my hair for about twenty-five minutes two times a week. It is not difficult to maintain.”


That’s ponytail goals.


“I always have had long hair to my waist until 2012. One day I read an article on the internet that said that not everyone can grow very long hair because it is a genetic peculiarity.”


Her advice for women who want to recreate her look is to simply ‘be patient and strip back their beauty routine.’

“My advice for girls who want long hair is just to be patient, don’t wash your hair every day, only once or twice a week. Don’t use a hot air blow dryer, don’t use hot hair iron and don’t use hot water for washing hair,” she said.


“It’s also important to lead a healthy lifestyle with no smoking and no drinking alcohol. Be positive and active and do sport.

People think different things about my hair. Some people love it especially children because they call me Rapunzel.

Some people hate it but I don’t care about it because I love my hair, it is so silky and I want grow it to the floor,” she concluded.


Imagine dying that. Ten or twenty boxes of hair dye?


“Some people hate it but I don’t care about it because I love my hair, it is so silky and I want grow it to the floor,” she finishes.

Source: dailymail

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