Olga Kamenetskaya Takes Craftsmanship Of Dolls To A Whole Different Level

Living in a world of implausible standards of beauty and Photoshopmania, ‘natural’ is rarely found among us. Equivalent to unedited selfies on social media, Olga Kamenetskaya does the same to DOLLS! She is a Ukranian artist who creates stunning realistic dolls, and while giving some of them a major makeunder the results are pretty astonishing. Repainting and giving dolls a new shape started as a hobby at the beginning, but later on, it became a profession to her.

Her ‘client dolls’ are mass-produced ones, such as Monster High girls or Barbies, which in Olga’s hands will transform into brand new and one-of-the-kind dolls. In each of these dolls, you can notice human-like flaws and unusual shapes and hair which make them stand out from every doll you have seen before.

“I don’t like when the new face of the doll is ideal and perfectly symmetrical, it makes it lifeless. I always deliberately leave some flaw that may not be noticeable to everyone, but [gives] the doll invisible charisma. Perhaps, this flawed beauty is the message that my dolls carry,” Olga says.

She even has celebs dolled-up by creating miniature versions or replicas of A-list stars. Looking at what Olga does to a generic doll, it’s no wonder her works are so popular.


So, wait no more and scroll down to see some of unique “flawed” dolls reshaped by this talented artist:


1. Now, that wig color is a thing! If not for the doll’s arm, you could think the right one a real person, with the perfectly symmetrical face.

2. These hyperrealistic eyes…I can’t!

3. Gabrielle Union, is that you?

4. The cool undertone with the freckles and contrasting brassy red hair makes a difference.

Craftsmanship of dolls

5. This gives me a bit of Grace VanderWaal. What about you?

6. This one looks so real it terrifies me!

Craftsmanship of dolls

7. It’s Natalia Vodianova, guys!

Craftsmanship of dolls

8. From 18 to 32 real quick! Oh, hi Ragnar!

Craftsmanship of dolls

9. You vs. me! Hah!

10. Poppy O’Hair, Raven queen or neither of them?

11. Freckles, speckles, let me take some tackles!

12. That’s a hell of an update!

13. Ema Watson dolled-up.

14. Me after a night of working late! Definitely, need some D vitamin.

15. Doesn’t this remind you of the girl on ‘Enter the Ninja’ song of Die Antwoord?

16. Yeah, go grow some beard 1st doll!

17. Queen of hearts gone sassy!

18. ‘Why be fake, when you can be real?’

19. Back to Die Antwoord again!

20. Cara Delevingne’s brows?

Source: Boredpanda