Online Shopping Goes Wrong To This Mom Who Purchased A Retro Dress

It isn’t the first time we’re hearing about online shopping fails. I mean, when you have to judge your purchases from the screen there are many things that can go wrong. But, just, how wrong can it all go?

Michaela Smith from New Zealand has given insights into her hilarious shopping fail, as The Daily Mail reports. Before ordering the dress, Michaela admits she has measured herself and that she has requested size 4XL. But when the dress finally arrived, it seemed to barely fit her. She has now offered the dress up for sale online.

She has posted a side-by-side picture ‘expectation vs. reality’ where she displayed her shopping fail. She had initially fancied the dress she saw online, which was blue and white retro-style and featured pink flamingoes. So she decided to measure herself, and order her size online.

When the dress arrived, it was not only a much smaller size but it also looked quite, quite different from the original. See below:

online shopping goes wrong retro dress

She said:

According to the sizing chart, I would fit this dress well. I didn’t. I couldn’t get it over my boobs.

However, she decided to make the situation a bit funny so she has now put the dress up for sale on an auction website in New Zealand, she said:

I need to get this dress out of my life.

I asked my kid to take a photo to send to my sister. My sister uploaded the photo to Reddit. The internet went mad.

online shopping goes wrong retro dress

She proceeded:

I was tagged in four thousand million Facebook posts with titles like “when online shopping goes wrong”.

I was mortified. It wasn’t even a nice photo of me. I had no makeup on. Hadn’t shaved my legs. Hadn’t even vacuumed.

She even admitted she was accused of cutting the dress, which she says she did not.

Concluding, she said:

Take this out of my life once and for all.

You could own the second picture in the google search ‘DRESS FAIL’ for as little as $1! Money will go towards some therapy.

Oh, the risks of online shopping!


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