12+ Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves That Will Make You Think Deeper

Art is food for thought. It is a way of shaping the world creatively and soothing the soul. Through art, people have found out they belong, they realized the human mind is capable of coming up with wonderful things, and that the imagination is an infinite source of inspiration. Nature, also, is one of the greatest muses for artists all around the world. Every color, every falling leaf, and raindrop, every cloud. The creative minds can give us masterpieces out of such simple things.

The beautiful mind of the Canadian artist named Robert Gonsalves has found a way to give us the food for thought we so deeply appreciate. Through his paintings, he has been able to twist our perception and make us take an utmost interest in his work.

His paintings are like optical illusions that make you look multiple times and stare in awe at the genius contained in them. Gonsalves began to take interest in art at an early age. Two of the people who left an impact on his work were the great Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. Scroll below to see a collection of his work and let us know your favorites in the comments section below.

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1. Ships, and clouds, and bridges.

optical illusion paintings

2. What is the world we’re living in?

optical illusion paintings

3. Human beings and nature have many similarities.

4. Every particle life is a dancing entity.

5. A dream!

6. The universe is in you.

7. Every big thing begins with something very small.

8. Stars, and skies, and lanterns.

9. “All that we see or seem… is but a dream within a dream.”

10. Life imitates art.

11. Sometimes, what seems strange can be just within the limits of your mind.

12. The life you shape for yourself.

13. Ships and kites and oceans.

14. Widen your horizons.

15. Life is but a game we should learn how to play.

16. And it’s the little things that make the big ones.

17. Life is about learning to find that equilibrium.

18. Storytelling so real and compelling.

19. Human eclipse.

20. Learn to look at the bigger picture, but always focus on the details.

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